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Help: Why is the site/videos taking so long to load?

Although Australians are among the earliest adopters of new technology, our broadband speeds

are highly variable and for some users the connection may be quite slow.

In addition, there are remote areas which do not have adequate access to broadband connections.

The Global Rock Challenge TV website is designed to be a broadband website and watching videos online requires high throughput - that is, best viewed by anyone with a high-speed (broadband) connection.

We recommend people upgrade to the highest speed available for their suburb or access from an office or school as these places generally have good networks and connection speeds.

You can visit Broadband Guide to compare plans from an independent source.

You can also check your Broadband Connection Speed Here [ZDNET]

Don't forget to write to your local State and Federal Member of Parliament if you want improved access to broadband in your neighbourhood, or visit: Now We Are Talking

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