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What is the Global Rock Challenge™?

Our Vision

Global Rock Challenge™ events are committed to promoting positive outcomes and healthy lives for young people around the world through the performing arts.

With the risk of drugs, unemployment, truancy, crime or poor self-esteem, many young people may lack the tools, skills or opportunities to avoid these traps. The path they take affects their lives and those around them - families, schools and communities. Global Rock events are designed to give young people new options, perspective and skills.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire and motivate students worldwide to live healthy, positive lifestyles, attend and finish school and be the best they can be in every aspect of their lives.

Since 1988, through the leadership of Peter Sjoquist AM, global events have been staged in 120 locations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany and United Arab Emirates.

All Global Rock Challenge™ events emphasise a 100% drug, alcohol and smoke free environment. This is the message that underpins the three key focus areas of health, life skills and creative thinking.

What events are involved in the Global Rock Challenge™?

All Global Rock Challenge events operate as not-for-profit, non-government organisations in their local country.

Australia - Rock Eisteddfod Challenge® Foundation:

  • Rock Eisteddfod Challenge®
  • J Rock™
  • Croc Festival®

New Zealand - Stage Challenge® Foundation:

  • Stage Challenge®
  • J Rock™

Japan - Be Your Best Foundation™:

  • Rock Challenge™


  • Rock Challenge™

South Africa - ARA Be Your Best™ Foundation:

  • Rock Challenge™

United Kingdom - Be Your Best Foundation:

  • Rock Challenge™

United Arab Emirates:

  • Rock Challenge™

How we are funded?

Events are supported through government grants, corporate sponsorship, philanthropic grants, event fees and public donation in their country. This funding assists the not-for-profit organisations in putting the events on and providing coordination and resources to students and schools participating every year.

Only with their support, has making a lasting positive impact on the lives of young people, been possible.

If you are an individual, organisation, foundation or corporation wishing to support or be part of a truly global youth program please contact us.

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